Thomro has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an American company Blume Distillation Systems to produce renewable energy using agricultural products. The agreement details a plan for the design, development and implementation of a Blume production solution that will convert waste and cultivated feedstock inputs into liquid replacement fuel and high-value Agricultural co-products including, CO2 and organic soil amendments. Blume Distillation focuses on production and delivery of food, feed, fertilizer, and renewable liquid replacement fuels for life-critical applications from farm and waste resources.

Another important partner is Musika Development Initiative Ltd, an organisation that helps businesses to develop mutually beneficial and transparent commercial relationships with smallholders that integrate the provision of information and technology adoption. Musika is supporting Thomro to catalyse the company’s partnership with smallholder cassava farmers in Chipili District, where the farmers will supply feedstock to Thomro for ethanol production while Thomro will play the role of cassava market expansion for the farmers.

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