Practical Training Workshop On Bioenergy

Equip yourself with the skills you need in the production of bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, bioCNG and bioelectricity from biomass.

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Learn in just 5 days, learn how to operate ethanol micro distilleries and biodiesel micro refineries with a start-up production scale that you can set-up at a reasonably affordable investment.



The training is oriented at hands-on navigation through bioenergy production processes, with production activities performed directly by training participants, under trainers’ guidance. The class work will mainly be short interludes of introductory remarks and notes prior to hands-on work to produce bioethanol and biodiesel, and also prior to a tour of a plant producing biogas/electricity from biomass.


General Introduction

• Demystifying biofuels
• Techno-politics of biofuels
• The social-economic-environmental power of biofuels

Production of bioethanol

• What is bioethanol? – short class
• Feedstocks for bioethanol production – short class
• Bioethanol micro-distilleries – short class work + practical
• Co-products of bioethanol production – short class + practical
• Preparation of mash for bioethanol distillation – practical
• Bioethanol distillation – practical
• Energy optimization in bioethanol production – practical
• Symbiotic biogas/CNG/electricity production – remarks
• Dismantling/assembly of the demo nano-distillery – practical
• Care and maintenance of distillery – practical
• Charcoal replacement cooking using ethanol – practical/demo

Production of biodiesel

• What is biodiesel? – short class
• Various uses and applications of biodiesel – short class
• Feedstocks for biodiesel production – short class + samples
• Production of biodiesel from plant oil – practical
• Varying different types of catalysts – practical
• Symbiotic biogas/CNG/electricity production – remarks
• Care and maintenance of biodiesel micro refinery – practical
• Demonstrating the use of biodiesel – practical/demo

Production of biogas, bioCNG and bioelectricity

• What are biogas and biotechnology? – class
• Feedstocks for biogas generation – class visuals
• Biogas process – short class
• Type of biogas plant – demos
• Biogas upgrading (cleaning) – short class
• Heat/power generation from biogas – short class
• Organic fertilizer generation – short class + demo
• BioCNG production – class
• Benefits of BioCNG – short class
• Social, economic and environmental benefits of biogas/bioCNG – short class
• Biogas/power generation from cow dung – a visit to demo plant

What you will experience

      • Hands-on production of ethanol from sugar and starchy crops involving, ingredient mixing, addition of enzymes, fermentation and distillation.
      • Hands-on production of biodiesel from vegetable oils involving dosing, weighing, mixing transfer into cavitation unit for biodiesel production, and discharging.
      • Tour to a small scale plant producing biogas/electricity from biomass waste, whose process includes diluting cow dung, pumping into storage tank, biogas production, biogas cleaning, heat and power generation, and organic fertiliser generation.

training workshop is designed to

      • equip you with essentials to migrate to inclusive growth path.
      • help you accelerate migration of the majority poor to modern energy.
      • create numerous rural and urban jobs.
      • provide you with the best tactical ideas to actualise sustainable resource use, and reduce GHG emissions due to replacement of charcoal, wood and fossil fuel by renewable energy.


Miss Thandiwe Mchunu

Miss Mchunu is the Chief Executive Officer of Thandiwe Mchunu Group based in South Africa.

Miss Thandiwe Mchunu

Prof. Thomson Sinkala

Prof Sinkala is the Chief Executive Officer of Thomro Investments, a  Zambian registered company.

Prof. Thomson Sinkala

Mr. Sunil Patil

Mr. Patil is the Chief Executive Officer of Sunil – Thomson Renewables Limited, a  Zambian registered company.

Mr. Sunil Patil

Mr. Alexandr Skljarov

Mr. Alexandr Skljarov, an engineer from the biodiesel demo technology provider

Mr. Alexandr Skljarov


Participants Pricing
Individual participant will pay per person $1400
Institutions sending two participants will pay per person $1350
Institutions sending three or more participants will pay per person $1300

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