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Lusaka alone, for example, is reported to consume 700,000 tonnes of charcoal per annum. Therefore, replacing charcoal with renewable fuels such as ethanol and bioCNG for cooking would save a lot of forestries, as energy production and use equivalents below show. Our company is determined to make a significant contribution to minimise this forestry carnage which has resulted in other negative multiplier effects, such as deteriorating rainfall patterns and soil erosion with consequent poor agricultural productivity.


About 3.8 Kg charcoal = 1.5 Kg bioCNG = 1 liter ethanol per day, for 5-person household.

1 HECTARE OF MIOMBO WOODLAND: 8.1 tonnes of charcoal from 100-year virgin woodland, used by about 6 five-member households per year, and new land cleared every year.

1 HECTARE CASSAVA ETHANOL: 5,000 liters, used by about 14 five-member households per year, but the same piece of land used every year.

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